A Fallen Tragedy


If you would like to book A Fallen Tragedy for your event, please email us at and include all of the following details about your event: date, location, size of event, and any other pertinent information.

Fan Mail

If you have questions or comments for the members or would like to send fan art or the like, feel free to send us a message by filling in the "contact us" below.
You can also send it to us on one of our social sites, or our individual band member’s social sites listed in the “Bio/Info” section of the Bio/Info page.

If you have questions or comments for the members, feel free to also send us a message on our Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr, or send us an email.


You can also send any physical fan mail to:

A Fallen Tragedy
P.O. Box 920
Clearwater, SC. 29822


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